Water Features Services


We develop water features by using a mix of natural stones, styles and shapes to create the perfect end result. Water fountains, garden waterfalls and streams are some of the most popular water features in Dubai, as the sounds of trickling water can make people feel calmer and bring positive energy to the environment. Water features also tend to attract nature and birds which always helps to bring more life to your home.

A variety of water features can be installed in your garden to improve the appearance and environment. Popular choices included water fountains, cascades, pools, streams and ornaments. Different cultures have preferences for water features that match their home countries and we will help you find the right solution. Water features make great additions to all homes in Dubai, wherever you live in a townhouse in Springs or Arabian Ranches, a detached villa in Meadows or Lakes, a large Signature Villa on Palm Jumeirah or a mansion in Emirates Hills.

Large water features that take up a big area of a garden will also require additional landscaping to make them complete. Items such as walkways and bridges over streams and ponds are a great addition to your garden. They help you to stroll around your garden and enjoy the beauty of the water and nature combined.

Green Rose Landscape Works LLC team will work with you to create a water feature that fits in with your garden surroundings. Once you are happy with the design we will complete the construction and installation process so you have a finished product that adds to the overall quality of your landscaped garden.

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Green Rose Lanscape can design and install water features to add an extra touch to your Dubai garden. Water features are a fantastic way of improving the ambience in your garden while creating a tranquil and relaxing environment. When they are designed and delivered in the correct way, you will see how much a water feature adds to your home and the enjoyment that can be gained from them. We offer following services in Water Features.

  1. Water Feature Design
  2. Water Feature Installation
  3. Water Fountains
  4. Water Ornaments
  5. Water Cascades
  6. Water Ponds
  7. Garden Waterfalls
  8. Garden Streams
  9. Garden Bridges
  10. Water Plants