Grass and Plants


Green Rose Landscape Works LLC are experts at helping you select the right specimens and types of grass, plants, flowers and trees for your garden in Dubai. Due to the naturally hot climate, there are certain types grass and plants which excel better in these conditions. Some trees are not suitable for Dubai as their roots can grow too large and result in damaging hard structures in your garden and even your villa walls. Our team can help you find the right mix for your garden and help to create a paradise of colour and smells for you to enjoy in your own peaceful time or with family and friends. Trees and plants also help to improve privacy in your garden and can provide shaded areas too. With Dubai being a natural desert environment you will know that Palm trees are one of the most popular additions to a landscaped garden in Dubai.

Structures such as walls, fences, pergolas, gazebos and pathways can be visually enhanced by having trees, plants and flowers growing alongside them. Certain plant types, such as climbers and crawlers, look great when they are climbing walls and pergolas while helping to give a more natural feel to your garden.

Maintaining your grass and plants is extremely important and requires a professional to help keep your garden looking great. We garden maintenance team will ensure your grass, plants, flowers and trees are receiving the right amount of water and fertilizer to keep them healthy throughout the year. Keeping pests away and weeds under control is another crucial aspect of top garden maintenance.

Different communities in Dubai have varying requirements for the volume of grass, plants and trees required. Villas in Emirates Hills and Al Bararihave some of the largest plots in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah villas have waterfront gardens, while communities such as Arabian Ranches, Victory Heights, Meadows, Lakes, Jumeirah Islands, Jumeirah Park and Al Furjan have a wide range of garden sizes. Our team is experienced in all these areas and many more so we will help you design the right garden solution.

Garden and plants services in dubai


For many people one of the most important requirements for their Dubai garden is to have beautiful grass, plants, flowers and trees. These are the foundation of many landscaped gardens and really help to add life, colour and smells to stimulate all the human senses in a positive way. A green lawn and brightly colour flowers will always bring a smile to your face during the sunny days in Dubai. We offer following services in Garden and Plants.

  1. Grass Lawns
  2. Natural Grass
  3. Artificial Grass
  4. Plants, Flowers and Trees
  5. Soil Selection
  6. Sunflower
  7. Cactus
  8. Irrigation Systems
  9. Pest Control
  10. Weed Control
  11. gave
  12. orchid
  13. Bonsai