Outdoor Lighting Services


Green Rose Landscape Works LLC can help to transform your property at night with a wide range of outdoor lighting solutions. We use creative and inventive techniques to create beautiful outdoor lighting whilst ensuring a safe living environment. The right type of lighting can create a soft setting, relaxing environment and perfect place for unwinding at the end of the day. Both down-lighting and Outdoor lighting can be applied all around the external area of your home and throughout the garden area. Adding lighting to water features, ornaments, trees, pergolas, gazebos, pathways, walls and swimming pool can really help to improve your outdoor living experience.

A wide variety of lighting fixtures can be used for your garden in Dubai, including bollard lights, down lights, buried-up lights, spike lights, LED lights, hanging lights and wall lights. Our expert electricians will ensure you outdoor lighting is installed correctly and runs efficiently to save on excess power usage.

Imagine looking out from your villa on the Palm Jumeirah at night with your garden lit up and the sea in the background or enjoying your family barbecue in your Meadows villa while the garden lights display your beautiful trees and flowers in the evening. Wherever your villa is in Dubai our team at Green Rose Landscape can help to create a garden that looks amazing during both day and night.

indoor and outdoor lighting installation in dubai


Dubai is a city that remains alive and vibrant at night. Outdoor garden lighting is the perfect way to ensure you can continue enjoying your garden in the evening. It also helps to ensure safety and security during the darkness by ensuring you can easily see and find your way around the garden. We offer following services in Outdoor Lighting

  1. Patio Lights
  2. Plant and Tree Lights
  3. Bollard Lights
  4. Ring Lights
  5. LED Lights
  6. Christmas Lights
  7. floor lamps
  8. Tree Lights
  9. Ceiling lights
  10. Wall Lights
  11. Swimming Pool Lights
  12. Underwater Lights
  13. Security Lights
  14. Fairy Lights